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Beijing time September 25 news, the 2020 French Open announced the men's singles main draw table, frustrated US Open's world number Djokovic defended the upper half, and the much-watched New Komei Open champion Tim, finally divided into the lower half of the 12th tournament champion Nadal, Wawrinka and Murray, both three-time Grand Slam winners, will meet in the first round.




Like the US Open, Djokovic once again successfully avoided almost all strong opponents, but in the first round he will face the powerful Swedish star Imel, and in the second round he may face Bilanki, a Lithuanian who has a good momentum this year. Sri Lanka, the third round may encounter No. 29 seed Hulkaqi, in general, although the first three rounds of opponents have a certain strength, but it is not expected to cause much trouble to Djoker


The real challenge may start in the fourth round, but he may not be waiting for No. 15 seed Kachanov, because with the current state of the Russian, he may not be able to pass the No. 20 seed, red-court giant Garin or The new French star Amber. The other big seed in this area is No. 7 seed Berrettini. However, the Italian returned from injury in a mediocre state, so the two Spaniards Agut and Busta are likely to take their place and become the players in the quarterfinals. opponent.




Although he has successfully avoided many favorites to win the championship, for Medvedev who is not good at clay court, he may still be difficult to make a big breakthrough. His previous three times in the French Open were 0 wins and 3 losses. This time, he will be in the first round. It was not easy to get the first victory in the French Open when the Hungarian Vsowitz, who had great strength on the clay court, was encountered. Even if you pass, you may encounter former Monte Carlo runner-up Ramos in the second round, and the opponent in the third round may be the former Hamburg champion Basilashvili, both of which are both good and bad.

尽管他成功地避免了很多人喜欢夺冠,但是对于不擅长红土场的梅德韦杰夫来说,他仍然可能很难取得重大突破。他之前在法国公开赛上的三场比赛是0胜3负。这次,他将进入第一轮。当遇到在红土球场上表现出色的匈牙利人沃索维茨(Hsarian Vsowitz)时,要在法网获得首场胜利并不容易。即使您通过了比赛,您也可能在第二轮遇到前蒙特卡洛亚军拉莫斯,而在第三轮中的对手可能是前汉堡冠军巴西拉什维利,两者都是好事。

As for the fourth round, his compatriot Lublev, who is also not so good at clay courts, may also find it difficult to break the siege, because there are two very outstanding Serbians on clay courts-Lajovic and Li, runners-up in Monte Carlo last year. About the champion Jerry, this can be said to be their first chance to reach the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam. Another big seed in this area, Sisipas, is expected to pass the first two rounds. In the third round, he will face another Serbian Krajinovic. The opponents in the fourth round will be Dimitrov and Shapovalo. The road to promotion is equally dangerous.




This area can be said to be a well-deserved area of ​​death. Tim will face Cilic in the first round. This is also the second meeting of the two after the US Open. If they can win the second round, they are expected to easily advance, and the third round will have to face this year. Rudd, who has an eye-catching performance on the clay court, is bound to be a tough battle. The fourth round will be against Wawrinka, Murray or Ariahim. The first two of them will have to meet in the first round! In addition, Ariahim's opponent in the first round will be Nishioka Ryohito, and he does not rule out the possibility of being upset.


As for Tim’s opponents in the quarter-finals, Monfils, Schwarzman and Churic may be formed. Monfils is the former French Open semi-finalist, and Schwarzman is just in Rome. Defeating Nadal to reach the final will not be easy for anyone against. However, Monfils will face off against Bubrick, who is in good condition in the first round, and there is also a risk of upset.




Although Nadal's "unfortunate" Tim fell in the same half, he shouldn't have to worry too much before the semifinals. The first round opponent will be the Belarusian Gerasimov, and the second round may face the American player. MacDonald, the third round opponent may be produced between Kei Nishikori and Evans. Although Fognini, the potential opponent in the fourth round, has beaten himself many times, his state has not recovered since his return from injury, so it is basically not to be feared.


A little bit of suspense may be the quarter-finals. After all, Alexander Zverev has a relatively stable performance in the Grand Slam this season, and he also has certain clay court strength, but he has to face Demina before entering the quarter-finals. Er, Goffin or Sinner, the latter two will meet early in the first round, which is one of the focus of the first round of this French Open. (Ethan)

八分之一决赛可能有点悬念。毕竟,亚历山大·兹维列夫(Alexander Zverev)本赛季在大满贯中的表现相对稳定,他也有一定的红土场实力,但是他必须在进入八强之前面对Demina。 ,、高芬或辛纳,后两者将在首轮初赛中相遇,这是本届法国公开赛首轮焦点之一。 (伊桑)