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First of all, let’s introduce the founder of this website. Ishigami Naoya was born in 1985. He is a defender and played for Kashima Antlers and Osaka Sakura. Now Naoya Ishigami has created "REIBOLA EYE" to help players build bridges with the team.

首先,让我们介绍这个网站的创始人。石神直也(Nashiya Ishigami)生于1985年。他是一名后卫,曾为鹿岛鹿角队和大阪樱队效力。现在石谷直也创建了“ REIBOLA EYE”,以帮助玩家与团队建立桥梁。

On this website, players can upload their basic information, including height, weight, age, region and other "resumes" information to the Internet, and can also upload personal game videos or make personal highlights. In the past, we often ridiculed the Chinese Super League teams to select foreign players through the highlights, so now a platform that can provide player highlights is launched in Japan.


At present, 51 teams have registered on the platform, including the teams we are familiar with, such as Gamba Osaka. These teams can accurately search and filter players on the website, similar to the search in "Football Manager" we play "calf". Once selected by the team, the player may get the team’s trial training and even signing opportunities, so as to continue his football dreams, and at the same time save a lot of money for brokers. This B2C model can also reject the "black intermediary" The presence.

目前,平台上已经注册了51个团队,其中包括我们熟悉的团队,例如Gamba Osaka。这些团队可以准确地搜索和过滤网站上的球员,类似于我们打“小牛”的“足球经理”中的搜索。一旦被球队选中,球员可以得到球队的试训甚至签约机会,从而继续他的足球梦想,同时为经纪人节省很多钱。这种B2C模式也可以拒绝“黑色中介”的存在。

We often say that gold will shine sooner or later, but in a football game, whether a player can become a professional player or even a talent can be said to have to go through nine hundred and eighty-one difficulties. Whether you have a team that suits you, whether it can be reused by the coach, whether you work hard enough, whether you will be plagued by injuries, these are all important factors for a player's success. In the context of the "prosperity" of the Japanese football population, not every "Maximum" can get guidance from Bole.


At present, the youth training in Japan is mainly composed of campus football and professional youth training clubs. I believe many people are envious of Japanese youth training, especially the development of campus football. From elementary school, junior high school, high school to university, young people in Japan have a high degree of participation in football. Just like Ozora Tsubasa and Nange Elementary School in "Captain Tsubasa", they can represent the team in various national games. The pride and dreams of young players.

目前,日本的青年训练主要由校园足球和专业青年训练俱乐部组成。我相信许多人羡慕日本的青少年训练,尤其是校园足球的发展。从小学,初中,高中到大学,日本的年轻人对足球的参与程度很高。就像“翼章上尉”的Ozora Tsubasa和Nange小学一样,他们可以代表球队参加各种国家比赛。年轻球员的骄傲和梦想。

For example, the Higashi-Fukuoka team, which won the 94th high school league championship in Japan a few years ago, has nearly 300 players on campus. They are divided into 7 teams, and each team competes every week. In order to select one of the elite representative schools to participate in the national finals. In the Japan National High School League held every year, more than 4,000 teams can participate in the selection, and the final 48 winning teams qualify for the national competition. We can roughly calculate how many high school students are involved in football.


Therefore, Japanese campus football has contributed a lot to the Japanese youth training. We are familiar with players like Keisuke Honda, Yuto Nagatomo, Shinji Okazaki, Yuo Osaki, etc., who have come out of campus football like Osora Tsubasa, entered professional leagues and even went to Europe. Giants effectiveness.


With a large footb亚搏app在线下载地址all population base, Japanese student players naturally have more cruel and fierce competition. Often some outstanding players do not get the opportunity to participate in the national league, which means that they may not be inspected by scouts, so " The establishment of "REIBOLA EYE" allows them to better show themselves and increase their probability of entering the professional league.

由于足球人口众多,日本学生运动员自然会拥有更多残酷而激烈的比赛。通常,一些杰出的球员没有获得参加全国联赛的机会,这意味着他们可能不会受到球​​探的检查,因此““ REIBOLA EYE”的建立使他们能够更好地展示自己并增加进入职业联赛的可能性联盟。

In fact, Japan’s "REIBOLA EYE" is not a new idea. Even the Super League teams have their own talent centers. For example, Guangzhou Evergrande’s Talent Exchange Center has registered and updated the player details from the first team to under 19. However, this is only the "information disclosure" of a club in Guangzhou Evergrande, and the player's information is not updated in time and the content is not rich.

实际上,日本的“ REIBOLA EYE”并不是一个新主意。甚至超级联赛球队也有自己的人才中心。例如,广州恒大人才交流中心已经将一队的球员详细信息注册亚搏体育app下载苹果并更新到19岁以下。但是,这仅仅是广州恒大俱乐部的“信息披露”,而球员的信息不会及时更新,并且内容不丰富。

Like "REIBOLA EYE", a platform that collects players from all over the country and establishes a talent center, there is no authoritative website in China. In fact, building a website is very simple, but the most important thing is whether it can maximize the effectiveness of 亚搏体育app下载苹果the website.

像“ REIBOLA EYE”那样的平台,它收集来自全国各地的球员并建立人才中心,在中国没有权威的网站。实际上,建立一个网站非常简单,但是最重要的是它是否可以使网站的效率最大化。

For example, we are familiar with the sentence: "XX used car direct sales network, there is no middleman to make the difference, car owners sell more money, buyers spend less! Good value!".

例如,我们熟悉这样的句子:“ XX二手车直销网络,没有中间人可以有所作为,车主卖出更多的钱,买主花的更少!物有所值!”。

Assuming that we also build our own player platform, the most important question is how many users there will be, and whether they can also be registered and used by the clubs. Secondly, even if we have players and clubs, can that really eliminate the existence of middlemen?


We have a lot of "intermediary software" that we often use, but the biggest headache is that most of the counterparties above are "intermediaries." Where there are benefits, there are gaps. The true operation of the platform can meet the original intention of the establishment, otherwise it can only become a platform for "middlemen".


According to the statistics of the "Report on China's Internet Development Trends in 2020", as of February 2020, our Internet users have reached 1.08 billion, becoming the country with the most Internet users in the world. We do not lack Internet users, let alone Internet technology. We are fully capable of making the world's best player trading website, but what do we really lack?

根据《 2020年中国互联网发展趋势报告》的统计,截至2020年2月,我国互联网用户已达10.8亿,成为世界上互联网用户最多的国家。我们并不缺乏互联网用户,更不用说互联网技术了。我们完全有能力打造世界上最好的玩家交易网站,但是我们真正缺乏什么呢?

What we lack is the players. The reason why we admire the Japanese youth training is the participation of the Japanese in football. Our elementary school bans playing football on the football field. Our junior high school learns football. Our high school has become more and more away from football. far.


We have a large population, but there is not enough football population; our children have a variety of specialty classes, but football is neither a study nor a specialty. So even if we have more football fields, how many people will play football? Those who really ride on the football field are more of us uncles with beer belly and Mediterranean hairstyle.


The launch of the "REIBOLA EYE" website is inspired by an Internet + football model, but we will soon be able to copy our "Football Bole Net". And what we urgently need are those real users, not black intermediaries, black agents, but small players and professional clubs. It is for those students to truly participate in football, and it is for children with football talents in remote areas to show their talents through this platform, otherwise it will only be a web page and will never become a football link.

“ REIBOLA EYE”网站的发布受到互联网+足球模式的启发,但是我们很快将能够复制我们的“足球伯乐网”。我们迫切需要的是那些真正的用户,而不是黑人中间人,黑人经纪人,而是小型球员和专业俱乐部。这是为了让那些学生真正参加足球比赛,是为了让偏远地区有足球才华的孩子通过此平台展示自己的才华,否则它将只是一个网页,永远不会成为足球的链接。